Molds and dies

For the industry of high precision injection molding we manufacture components for the cavities of injection:

  • Dies, ejection bushes, static males with deep cooling, sliding core, threaded males, with injection point, with polished or matt finishes for the molding surfaces, respecting narrow tolerances, sharp edges, mold closing heights and air exits. We are specialists in cylindrical rectified finishes of shapes (elliptical, etc), profiles (concave, convex, transitions, cones, etc.), rectified of standard or free-form threads, with one or several entries, with angular positioning and longitudinal of the thread start, etc.
  • We manufacture special centering machines with straight or conical adjustment, trolleys, against trolleys, sliding guides, end plates, staple plates, etc.
  • As specialists in grinding we carry out finishing operations for first level molders, integrating ourselves into their productive process

We manufacture special dies for complete thin cutting and blades with special shapes for cutting for the packaging industry.