Industrial sectors we serve

The need to use high precision parts is not exclusive to a single industrial sector. The parts we manufacture are always pieces of high responsibility that our customers either incorporate into their product, such as in the aeronautics, defense or machine tool sectors, or they are a critical part of their process, such as in molds and dies sector, tool management, etc …

Therefore, we do not have a single objective industrial sector, but we attend to any need that is transferred to us and that, after its technical study, we can commit ourselves to manufacture within our technical capabilities.

Over time, we have reached a high specialization degree in the manufacture of unique products for our customers. Some application examples are:

  • Parts for injection molding: dies, ejection, ferrules, cores, pinions, males, males with special rectified threads, rectified shapes and profiles, males with conical sprue and injection point, nozzles, parts with polished, matt, closure or extruder shapes.
  • Rectified finishes, controlled surface roughness, controlled super-finishes for mold and die parts, bearing tracks, sliding surfaces, mold closures, patterns, etc.
  • Delicate, slender, thin-walled, hollow pieces with aspect ratios outside normal parameters.
  • Hydraulics of high pressures (greater than 200 bar), valves and hydraulic closures.
  • Pieces with matched diameters and controlled clearances (0.008-0.012 mm).
  • Dimensional and geometric tolerances in parts totally or partially tempered.
  • Pieces with functional edge requirements, etc.