Manufacture by grinding

The precision grinding finish of hardened parts has been INMEPRE S.A. specialty since its origins, capacity that we have increased incorporating the latest CNC technologies. We have 3 grinding technologies:

  • CNC cylindrical and manual grinding
  • Grinding in tangential glider with and without grinding wheel
  • CNC dotted grinding by coordinates


Somos especialistas en el rectificado cilíndrico

  • In/Out grinding, with or without capping, between points or in the air.
  •  Cylindrical or conical grinding.
  • Diamond wheels with complex profiles, and grinding with precision details and delicate geometries in the piece.
  • In/Out grinding  with non-round shapes, cams, ellipses  or any other free geometry.
  • We rectify standardized threads or with geometry of the free thread, with one or several entries, and with angular and longitudinal positioning in relation to a reference. We ensure heights of mold closures, functional sharp edges, or other details defined in part plane.
  • We assure superficial qualities and roughnesses in exteriors and interiors.

Grinding work in tangential glider:

  • Grinding of flat faces and precision squares.
  • Precision angles.
  • Surface finishes and controlled surface roughness
  • Diamond wheels with complex geometries and grinding of the profile in piece.

CNC dotted grinding works:

  • Complex 2D geometries grinding
  • We rectify with precision the position of holes and reference housings.

We have:

  • Studer and Jones & Shipman cylindrical grinders
  •  Jung tangential grinding machines
  • Moore dotted grinding